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Training Reels Self-Service Studio

The Photo Booth of Marketing Videos

Training Reels is a new service we've been developing to help founders and marketing professionals increase their marketing video output for a 7x lower price and 4x faster turnaround. Our self-service video production studios will guide you through writing, shooting and editing your video.

How do we do it?
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Curated Studio

When the user enters the studio space, the customer service assistant at the hub will greet them and familiarise them with the studio layout. Once in the marked floor position for shooting, a tablet display, off-camera to the user's right, will guide them through the process. All they need to do now is press the shoot button on the screen and the teleprompter, loaded with the video script, follows their voice at the pace of speaking. 

Video Personality

Script Templates

Using an online booking form, the user will have selected a video type, i.e. "Business Explainer Video" before shooting. This video type will come with questions about the user's business. The answers to the questions will be used in the script generated for the day. The user can then read and practice their video script before the shooting day. There will also be a blog on helpful tips for speaking to camera linked on the transcript page. If they have clips of their building, product, team and logo, they can upload them in advance and categorise them. The user's name and role are also recorded for creating lower-third graphics at the recording stage.

Video Editing Timeline

Intuitive Editing

After the shooting is complete, a transcript of their audio is generated and appears on the tablet display. The user can now edit their video, cutting out "ums" and "ams" simply by deleting them in the transcript. Any dead air is automatically cut out. The user clicks done, and the categorised footage uploaded in advance is placed at the relevant point in the video. Graphics and any relevant footage from a stock video library (matched by word recognition) are added to the video. The intro and outro will be generated from the logo uploaded initially. The user will select a video tone, i.e. "light-hearted" or "fast-paced", and they will be able to choose from 3 recommended song options. 

Finally, the video is exported and uploaded to the user's account and ready to download for further use. The user can share directly to their linked social media pages and website feed from their account.

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Unit 1A Westpoint Trade Centre, Link Rd, Ballincollig, Co. Cork, Ireland

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