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Training Reels Self-Service Video Studio

The Photo Booth of Marketing Videos

Training Reels is a new service we've been developing to help founders and marketing professionals increase their marketing video output for a

7x lower price and 4x faster turnaround than conventional video production.


Our self-service video production studios will guide you through

writing, shooting and editing your video.

How do we do it?
Read below!

Our secret recipe for bringing your brand to the next level


Use our consultation quiz to determine the perfect type of video for your business.

You're matched with a template to help you write your video script.

Book your studio session online, upload any media assets you have already and shoot in our pre-rigged studio.




Our automated editing process will ensure you leave the session with a

finished video.

See what we can do for your business –
Book a consultation with Luke today!


Still Curious?

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How We Make The Magic Happen




Find it difficult to know what to say on camera?  


Simply select the video type you want  and we'll send you our template and writing tool.


Simply answer questions about your business  and we'll help you complete your script.

With our years of production experience, we know how to craft a short, snappy script.


Find it difficult to remember your script?

Our voice-tracking teleprompter set-up  ensures you won't miss a beat.

Film Set



When you enter our studio space, our customer service assistant at the hub

will greet you and familiarise you with the studio layout.


Once you're in position, your "Production Remote"

will allow you to start/stop shooting, switch camera, and controls graphics.


Follow the teleprompter, loaded with the video script,

follows their voice at the pace of speaking. 

Video Editing Timeline

Intuitive Editing

*coming soon!

After the shooting is complete, a transcript of your audio is generated and appears on the tablet display. You can cut out any "ums" and "ams" simply by deleting them in the transcript.

Any dead air is automatically cut out.


Click *done*, and any categorised footage you've uploaded prior to the shoot and stock footage from our library is placed at relevant points in the video.

Select the video mood i.e. "light-hearted" or "fast-paced", and you will be able to choose from 3 recommended song options.


The intro and outro will be generated from your uploaded logo.

Add any titles and captions at the point you desire.

Finally, the video is exported and uploaded to your account and ready to download for further use.


You can share directly to your linked social media pages and website feed from your account.

Get Videos Like These!


A demo video is an effective way to explain how your product works to prospective and current customers. 2 camera set up for close-up shots.


Sum up your business's unique value proposition in a highly shareable 1-minute video. This video has been nternz' most successful post to date, with over 1k impressions in 24 hours. 

Portrait of a Man

– "As a startup working with a tight budget I was disheartened by the quotes I received to produce such a video from traditional video production agencies. Training Reels offered me the opportunity to produce a promotional video at a fraction of the cost. The self service hub was extremely easy and effective to use even for someone like me with no prior experience of video production. The video I produced has been the most effective and engaged with content on the nternz social accounts. Cost effective and easy to use, takes the hassle and stress away from shooting a promotional video."

–Paddy O'Toole
Founder, Nternz
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