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We are the ONLY creative agency in Ireland to provide an integrated video and pitch deck design service for innovators looking to raise investment. 

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Luke Murphy

Luke has overseen 100s of commercial videos, including creating investor materials for CALT Dynamics, EziVein and the IGNITE Start-Up Program.


Luke has written and created video content for €130k+ in successful funding applications.

Alana Daly Mulligan

Alana loves words and has built a career out of stringing sentences together, especially ones that sell.

Success Story 1:

Bob's Burgers

Bob was looking for a grant to protect his restaurant. He found that doing it through song and dance was effective, a nice pitch deck would help him be more convincing. 

See more about what we did for Bob.


free consultation

We learn everything about your challenges, goals, timelines, and logistics to better understand how to produce a video that meets your business needs.



We make a video marketing plan with detailed customer profiles, a clear, unique message for your business and a plan for video promotion.



Given everything we know, we craft a script that not only represents you, but makes people want to buy from you.



We plan the logistics and make sure all the resources are in place for the shoot. We arrive on the day and capture all the footage needed for the final video.



Drafts of the video edit will be provided online so that you and your team can request changes at any time.



Once the final video is complete, we will assist you promote it on your ideal platform and track the results.

Customer Profiles

Understand your customer. We help you outline your target audience in great depth, so we know how to create a video that will motivate them to act.

Brand Strategy

Stand out from your competition. We assist you in developing a message that captures your unique selling point in your voice.

Market Research

Know your enemy. We research to see what type of videos and sales copy has worked for your industry and consumer base.

Concept Development

Your best pitch. We create an engaging concept and script that effectively explains your offering for your target audience. We create any storyboards and style snippets necessary to help you visualise the final product.

Pre-Production Plan

Every last detail. We hire any actors and crew, arrange the location and costumes and props to ensure your shoot goes according to plan.

Video Production

Look your best. It goes without saying, we deliver high-quality video and audio.


Finding your voice. We find a voiceover artist that sounds right for your company’s brand.


Pitch perfect. We pick from an extensive library of music to find the perfect song for your company’s tone.

Video Editing

Fine-tuning. We cut your video down to only the essentials, colour it for a mood that fits your image and mix the audio, so everything sounds great.


A moving message. We provide any titles necessary to deliver your message.


Hit your target. We manage the release to make sure your video is viewed by the right eyeballs by ending up on the appropriate platform with effective promotion.


The more you know. We track the performance of your video to make sure we are reaching the goals we set.

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