• Luke Murphy

Which of the 9 Types of Explainer Video Styles Is Right For Your Business

What is the right explainer video style for your online marketing?

Explainer videos, like businesses, come in all shapes and sizes. One obstacle to overcome when planning an explainer video for your business is deciding on your style.

Let’s walk through the factors to consider when picking a style for your explainer video before looking at nine genres of video to present your business in the best light possible.

Factors to Consider

Firstly, let’s look at some factors to consider


Consider how well the explainer video style matches up with your company’s brand. Explainer video styles differ in format, tone, colour, and characters. The characteristics should reflect your brand image that you want to build.

For example, a lean, SaaS company with low-touch customer service may benefit more from an engaging animation.

This style will frame the technical product as easy to use and enjoyable. Whereas a large, customer-facing conglomerate may want an interview-style live-action explainer to put a face to their enormous company.


How much money do you have to spend on this video? As you’ll see below, different explainer video styles vary dramatically in price.


Always consider the audience you’re pitching to. While a practical, bottom-line orientated consumer may only want to know how your solution works in a demo-style video, emotionally driven customers may prefer a story-driven explainer video.

Styles of Explainer Videos


Live-action Video Example
Live-action Video Example

Budget: €1500-2000 per minute on average

Advantages: Creates a human connection for your company and offers you the chance to show off your team, office, staff and product—the best for creating an emotional audience response.

Disadvantages: Longer production process involving casting, scheduling, equipment, crews, editing, and legal.

Perfect For: If your business is people-centred, then a live-action explainer video is for you.

2D Character Animation

2D Character Animation Example
2D Character Animation Example

Budget: €1000 per minute on average

Advantages: Low barrier to entry. Short production times. Accessible. You can create empathy by putting the ideal customer in the story.

Disadvantages: Appeals to emotion rather than reason and therefore may not deliver technical information effectively.

Perfect For: Companies with a simple message and a light brand image.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard Animation Example
Whiteboard Animation Example

Budget: €500 per minute on average

Advantages: Good for engagement as video is created in front of the viewer’s eyes.

Disadvantages: This genre is common and can be seen as cliché and impersonal to your brand.

Perfect For: Companies explaining high concept products that need to pull in multiple ideas.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics Example
Motion Graphics Example

Budget: €1000 per minute on average

Advantages: Will present a complex, technical product as slick and impressive.

Disadvantages: Won’t create an emotional connection like other genres.

Perfect For: B2B software and technology companies.

3D Animation

3D Animation Example
3D Animation Example

Budget: €3000 per minute on average

Advantages: High-quality like watching something in the cinema.

Disadvantages: Prohibitively expensive for a lot of businesses. Long-turnaround time.

Perfect For: Technical, physical products such as cars, engines and equipment and presenting on large screens on stages or at trade shows.

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