Awards and Showcase Video
IGNITE Start-Up Incubator - Case Study


Event Video: Capturing the Essence of Your Event

The Challenge

Create a short but exciting event video to showcase the bi-annual IGNITE awards and showcase event. The video would give people an insight into what we do in IGNITE, the start-ups we support and highlights our programme partners.


The Process


After an in-depth strategy meeting with IGNITE, we noted that the output had to encapsulate the atmosphere of the night. The video's message needed to communicate the quality of support available to start-ups through IGNITE and IGNITE’s appreciation of its partners.


To this end, we decided that authentic participant testimonials captured in an event highlight video would be the best course of action.


We coordinated with IGNITE to get questions and a key attendee list.


We created a shotlist of the most vital pieces of action to capture on the night.


In preparation for the event, we worked with the sound engineer, connecting our sound recorder line-in to the soundboard to capture the direct microphone audio in the highest quality possible.


Our team of 3 videographers created a dual set-up, a dedicated interview space to capture participant testimonials and free-fly equipment to capture the event highlights. We also set up dedicated stage cameras to ensure a second wasn't missed.

Editing and Delivery

After just the 1st round of editing, the video was complete and IGNITE were happy to sign off on the project.


We delivered a social media-ready 1-minute participant testimonial video to help sign up the entrepreneurs of tomorrow to the programme. 


We also delivered a longer 3-minute event highlight video to capture the event for those that couldn't make it.



Michelle Profile.jpg

Michelle Dorgan
Programme , IGNITE UCC

Waking Dreams Media were easy to work with, well prepared, very efficient on the night and were quick to come back with a draft of the video for review. There were few changes to make on the first draft which reflects their skills and ability to create high-quality videos, their experience to understand what the customer wants and their dedication to bringing the vision to life.