Editing and Script Services for Explainer Video
CALT Dynamics - Case Study

Explainer Video: Your business in a nutshell.

The Challenge

Create an engaging explainer video for a company looking to shoot the video internally.


The Process


We sat down with CALT Dynamics and worked out a production flow that made the most sense for this project to happen. CALT would shoot the footage and record the voiceover, and Waking Dreams Media would help with strategy, script writing, consult on the shoot and edit the video.


After our strategy session, we decided the style of video and the distribution. We agreed on a short explainer video that would be placed online and sent to prospective investors. 

Concept Development

We wanted to showcase how revolutionary CALT Dynamic's printing technology is. CALT aimed to capture this through shots of the process and a simple voiceover discussing how CALT is the "world's fastest photopolymer printing method".

We prepared a script and shared a link to CALT to collect feedback. After 3 revisions, we got sign-off on the script, it was time for production!


In preparation for the shoot, we created a proposal that detailed the project aim, the CALT target audience, the music and graphics used, and the message of the video. We also created a shotlist with reference shots for CALT to follow.

CALT delivered the files to use through Google Drive. We downloaded them and got to work.

Editing and Delivery

We worked on the edit until the video was perfect. In total, just 2 drafts with a 2-day turnaround.


A 90 second company explainer video that was ready to greet website visitors and send to prospect clients and investors.




Ross Lawless
CALT Dynamics Founder

Waking Dreams Media provided script and editing services to help us create an engaging Explainer Video of our 3D Printing Technology. Luke from Waking Dreams Media is a pleasure to work with, and I would highly recommend them.